We Fix 'em - No Solution, No Fee Policy

For your peace of mind we have a 'No solution, No Fee' policy which safe guards our clients from incurring fees for work where we are unable to offer a solution to solve the problem.

Our definition of a solution is "the method or process of solving a problem", whereby we apply our skills and knowledge to the problem you have identified to us, and we then identify how to solve the problem. If we are unable to offer you a solution of any kind, we will waive the fee's incurred to that point in time.

In identifying a solution to your problem, the solution itself may require you to invest further funding to finally solve the problem. In this scenario, if you decide not to pursue funding the final solution, we will ONLY charge for the fees incurred to this point in time.

The We Fix 'em process for approaching each job is to understand the problem first, and to then assess and provide a quote 'free of charge' for the job. Each quote will account for the exact labour cost we will charge for the service, and where possible and if applicable, the anticipated costs for goods (such as hardware) that the job should incur. Unforeseen costs related to goods required to solve a problem are required to be paid for by the client and will be discussed up front before purchase, unforeseen labour costs on and above those origianlly quoted by We Fix 'em will however be waived.